• Learn Bulgarian: 300+ Essential Words In Bulgarian - Learn Words Spoken In Everyday Bulgaria (Speak Bulgarian, Bulgaria, Fluent, Bulgarian Language): Forget Pointless Phrases, Improve Your Vocabulary





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    Learn Bulgarian: 300+ Essential Words In Bulgarian - Learn Words Spoken In Everyday Bulgaria (Speak Bulgarian, Bulgaria, Fluent, Bulgarian Language): Forget pointless phrases, Improve your vocabulary

    Before a vowel (after another vowel or at the beginning of a word) denotes a diphthong like in "crayon" or "yes"The colors in Bulgarian come in feminine, masculine and neuter formsThe formal 'you' is the plural form with first letter capitalized ("")Sounds like a weak 'ah' when unstressedIf the window is closed, open the front passenger door to askVerb System[edit].in the morning/afternoon(suh-zhah-LYAH-vahm) Goodbye (zagubikh se) I lost my bag


    As there is no infinitive in the contemporary Bulgarian language the basic form of a verb is its present simple tense first person singular formNames of days and months are not capitalized (unless at the beginning of a sentence)(moh-LYAH) Yes / , Generally Yugoslavs disagree, while Bulgarians say that it isDriving[edit]For trivia buffs, 90% of Bulgarian vocabulary is similar to Russian and Ukrainian, giving native speakers of those languages a great advantage into learning Bulgarian or even speaking it(neh MOH-gah dah see goh pohz-VOH-lyah) I don't want itHow do you say in Bulgarian? ? (KAHK seh KAHZ-vah nah BUHL-gahr-skee?) What is this/that called? ? (KAHK seh KAHZ-vah toh-VAH?) What is that? ? (kahk-VOH eh toh-VAH?)Bulgarian WikibookSign inYour AccountTryPrimeYourLists Basket0 Your Amazon.co.ukToday's DealsGift Cards & Top UpSellHelp Books Advanced Search Best Sellers Top New Releases Deals in Books School Books Textbooks Children's Kindle Audible Menu IT & Software All IT & Software IT Certification Network & Security Hardware Operating Systems Other (moh-LYAH) Thank youWhat Bulgarian lacks in regards to case makes up for the difficulty with the verbal systemMonths[edit]a ah [a] like in father or car (when stressed); when at the end of the word sounds like stubDon't touch me! ! (ne me pipay) I'll call the policePronunciation guide[edit]Bus and train[edit] 2f597b3706


    85? (Az sm dobre, blagodarja, A Vie kak ste?) frm >15 AJ 40OAJ 7=05 7=05 7=05 1> CB> (Dobro utro) Good afternoon (Afternoon greeting) >1J 45= (Dobr den) Good evening (Evening greeting) >1J 25G5 (Dobr večer) Good night 5:0 =>I (Leka nošt) Goodbye (Parting phrases) >28640=5 (Dovidane) frm '0> ( ao) inf A8G:> EC102> (Vsi ko hubavo) !1>3> A:>>! (Do skoro) - see you soon > CB5! (Do utre) - till tomorrow Good luck! #A?5E (Uspex) JA 1J G0A (Na dobr as) A8G:> EC102> (Vsi ko hubavo) 5;0O 8 I0AB85 (Želaja vi atastie) frm 5;0O B8 I0AB85 (Želaja ti atastie) inf Cheers! Good Health! (Toasts used when drinking) 074025! (Nazdrave) Have a nice day 8OB5= 45= (Prijaten den) 5: 45=! (Lek den) Bon appetit / Have a nice meal 0 8 5 2:CA=>! (Da vi e vkusno!) frm 0 B8 5 2:CA=>! (Da ti e vkusno!) inf >1J 0?5B8B! (Dobr apetit!) 0 8 5 A;04:>! (Da vi e sladko!) frm 0 B8 5 A;04:>! (Da ti e sladko!) inf 8OB=> E0?20=5! (Prijatno hapvane!) 8OB=> O45=5! (Prijatno jadene!) Bon voyage / Have a good journey 0 4>1J ?JB! (Na dobr pt) 8OB=> ?JBC20=5! (Prijatno ptuvane) 8OB5= ?JB! (Prijaten pt) 5: ?JB! (Lek pt) I understand 07180 ;O B5, ?>2B>8 (Molya te povtori) - inf M>;O 8, ?>2B>5B5 (Molja vi povtorete) - frm >65 ;8 40 ?>2B>8B5? (Moe li da povtorite?) - inf >65 ;8 40 ?>2B>8H? (Moe li da povtoria?) - frm Please speak more slowly >;O, 3>2>5B5 ?>-102=> (Molja, govorete po-bavno) frm >;O, 3>2>8 ?>-102=> (Molja, govori po-bavno) inf Please write it down >65B5 ;8 40 3> =0?8H5B5? (Možete li da go napišete) frm >65H ;8 40 3> =0?8H5H? (Možeš li da go napišeš) inf Do you speak Bulgarian? >2>8B5 ;8 1J;30A:8? (Govorite li blgarski?) frm >2>8H ;8 1J;30A:8? (Govoria li blgarski?) inf Yes, a little (reply to 'Do you speak .?') 0, (Da, malko) How do you say

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